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Guaranteed to Translate Every Language in One Simple Step

Today, you don’t have to buy anything.  You don’t have to charge your credit card in four simple payments.  You won’t have to act before midnight. If you’re like me, you can’t even stay awake until midnight.

Of course, I won’t include the world’s smallest juicer or a knife that will slice meat so thin your in-laws will never come back.  But, I have wished for that knife many times, haven’t you?

But, I can guarantee you’ll be reading many languages in about ten minutes, maybe five, depending on how fast you read.

cool tools 008

You just have to be able to cut and paste, and I don’t mean with craft materials.   Now, you older, wiser people, stop drooling on your keyboards.  I know the minute you read the word paste you were having flashbacks to your elementary classroom in the 40’s and 50’s where you would sneak an extra dab of that spearmint scented paste from the classroom bucket just so you could have a taste.  I know you did. 

Today’s Cool Tool is a simple free program, so easy those of us that type with age-spotted hands can figure it out. By the way, our hands may show our age, but I bet we still type faster than you young’uns.  We should have a keyboarding showdown some day between the generations.  That would be amazing.

Anyhoo, back to the tutorial.


Click on the image above. I made that all by myself with my Snipping Tool, yes, I will bring it up until you learn to use it, and made it a hyperlink. 


This is where you land.

I can already hear you protesting.  “Why do I need to learn this?” 

Have you ever had a new follower that didn’t write in English?  You go to their blog and you have NO IDEA what they’re saying or why they’re following you?  Now you can find out. 

If that’s not good enough reason, just pretend you’re a spy and you intercepted a top secret message.  If you don’t learn a foreign language within 10 seconds, all the chocolate in the world will disappear into thin air.

Now that we’re all enthusiastic about Cool Tool, let’s try it.


Here is a blog post from a new follower. I only remember enough Spanish from my one year in college to find chicken and rice on a menu and ask for a bathroom.  Two very good skills to have, but not enough to read this post.

To cut you highlight the text in blue with your trusty mouse, then  CTRL + C or right click and choose COPY.  Doncha’ feel smart knowing two ways to do this?

If you need to translate an entire document or page, use CTRL + A = highlighting ALL the text.  Cool, huh? It beats scrolling down with your mouse and hanging on to all the text. You hit a potato chip crumb on your mouse pad and you have to start all over again.


You PASTE your text  into the first box by using CTRL + V or right click and choose PASTE. If you look at the image above, PASTE is below CUT.  See how easy my tutorials are?

They used Control +  P for print, so chose Control  + V for paste.  I wasn’t asked to run the world, but doncha’ think Control +  G for GLUE would have been more logical?  I was an Elementary Ed Major, not a Computer Geek Major, what do I know?

Then click the orange TRANSLATE button and you are done.  Of course, not everything will be translated perfectly, but it will work well enough to save all the chocolate in the world.


When you don’t even know the language, it automatically detects and translates.  You just CUT and PASTE.  See, now I can read Romanian, kinda’, sorta’.

It’s a Cool Tool you gotta’ use.

Dette var en test. Jeg ønsket å vite hvor mange lesere brukes Bing oversetter til å lese min konklusjon. Takk så mye for å lytte til meg. Du gjør meg føler så spesiell. Jeg bloggen til å ha et publikum fordi barn og ektemann ikke lytte. Du er en fantastisk, intelligent og talentfull person. Legg igjen din kommentar i dag på språket du ønsker. Takk igjen for å bruke min kul verktøy.

Literally. You gotta’ use it.