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North Dakota Sunrise

If there’s anything  I miss about North Dakota,
it’s sunrises and the sunsets.

I don’t miss the snow, frost, and the biting wind.

I don’t miss the muddy roads, soggy hems,  and the damp, cold wind.

I don’t miss the humidity, mosquitoes and the hot, dusty wind.

I don’t miss the late freezes, early snow and the leave-rattling wind.

In case ya’ didn’t notice,
I just described the four seasons of North Dakota.

Don’t get me wrong,
I was born and raised in North Dakota,
and have a fierce loyalty to the prairie state.

I just didn’t want to live there forever.

But every time I go back,
I wonder for a little while, why I wanted to leave in the first place.

Because there are some things I will never stop missing.


North Dakota Sunrise


I miss the glorious colors of our Creator that burst over the horizon with the hope and promise of a new day.

I miss the brightness of this golden orb that followed
me throughout my entire day, even on the coldest winter day. 

I miss the the sun on my face.

I miss knowing exactly when the day began by watching the sun greet it.

I miss knowing that as glorious as each sunrise was,
there would always the distinct possibility that tomorrow’s
could be brighter and more colorful.


To a Son-loving woman, the sun holds spiritual awe, glimmers of heaven that leak through the canopy over the earth
give me courage and strength for the day.


Because one day, when I finally leave the sorrows of earth for heaven,
it won’t be the sun lighting my world, it will be the Son.
I think He created it to remind us of He is the Light of the World.


And that’s what I miss the most about North Dakota.