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My Daughter “Swears” Like Her Father

Once upon a time, my husband was fresh out of college and taught at a private Christian school.  Although we’d been married over a year and had our first child,  we weren’t much older than the 19 year old seniors, so tried hard to maintain a sense of maturity and dignity.  We had high ambitions for impacting the academic and spiritual lives of our students.

One fine day, my husband was called into the principal’s office.  Surprised, he sat down and watch the principal’s face contort and turn red as he delivered a message.

“I had a phone call from a parent regarding your behavior,” he began.

“Really?”  My husband couldn’t begin to imagine what crime he’d committed.

“Apparently, you swore in the classroom,” explained the principal with twitching lips.

“I Swore? But, I don’t swear,” explained my husband.  It wasn’t a standard adopted for the classroom, it was a personal standard he lived by. He wouldn’t have sworn even if he had smashed his thumb with the proverbial hammer.

“Well,” said the principal, “you used a word that’s highly offensive to a family and they called me to complain.  They insisted I speak to you about your classroom behavior.”

Worried he would be given his walking papers, my husband asked, “What did I say?”

“You used the F word,” the principal spoke and refused to let my husband defend himself.

He continued,  “You used the word….fff…fff…FART!”  With that he gave up trying to hold back his emotions and laughed so hard his office chair squeaked on its wheels.

With relieved laughter, my husband promised to never use the F word in the classroom again.

I think we forgot to teach this valuable lesson to our children.  I found this old worksheet from one of my daughters, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Beka's Poetry 001

Yep, a chip off the ol’ block.

How to Git the Honey-Do List Dun

Warm weather  and weekends are for projects, or so women think.

Warm weather and weekends are for relaxing, or so men think.

Spring is getting closer and our Honey-Do Lists are getting longer. The longer the list gets, the higher chance you have for marital conflict. 

I asked my husband for his insight on the  Honey-Do List.  Oh boy, did I get insight.  I should have asked him when we got home from the honeymoon and saved myself years of frustration.  This is a direct quote. Hang onto your office chairs, ladies.

His admission also proved this post  could have been titled, "The Man Who Betrayed All Men.”

Apparently, the 1st time I ask him to do something, he views it as a "SUGGESTION."

Hubbster explained, "I don’t want to act at this point because I need to discern if it is a suggestion or is really critical. If I hear about it for about six years, then I know it’s important."

When he heard me typing 90mph, he started laughing.

"OH, NO! I just revealed my trade secrets!" Yes, you are busted, Mr. P.

The 2nd time he hears me ask, he knows it’s important, but by the third time,  he knows he’s treading on thin ice. By the 3rd time I’m treading on thin ice, too, because I’m getting too close to nagging.

AS A WOMAN, anything that comes out of my mouth is important, so I assume I should only have to ask once.

AS A MAN, he knows I change my mind, my plans and my priorities, so he wants time to discern my asks.

The Honey-Do List can cause friction in marriage. After all, there are things only a man can do. I realized that after trying to pound a 16 penny nail into solid oak. I pounded and pounded and pounded, and couldn’t get the nail to go in. I thought it would be an easy project. I was wrong.

I ended up pounding the oak floor  in frustration instead of the nail. Yep, I did. Yep, it made me feel better. Nope, the shelf in the closet never got hung. I just couldn’t do it. Later, my laughing hubby explained how to drill holes in the wood first. It proved a point to both of us. There were some things he needed to do for a variety of reasons.

During the years my hubby traveled  for work and I was at home with six small kids, many things got broken. Many of those broken things didn’t get fixed. The pile became a source of irritation for both of us. To me, it symbolized his failure. To him, it symbolized my nagging.

At my next garage sale, I made a huge sign that said Honey-Didn’t Do and marked the broken items a dollar.  They all sold to retired men looking for things to do and women who had mastered DIY. Hubby and I both got a laugh, the list was knocked down in size, and I never missed those broken items.



The marital conundrum.  If you don’t remind a husband, he doesn’t remember.  If you remind him only once, he won’t remember.  If you remind him more than three times, you’re a nag.

Let the list do the nagging.  I bought cool little whiteboard for his side of the closet. The wall was textured and the sign kept falling down. I bought more double stick foamy stuff and used a ton. Didn’t work. I was gunna’ pound a 16 penny nail through the whole thing, but that hadn’t work 20 years prior, so I figured it wouldn’t work now.

I brought the whiteboard to the thrift store. However, the few weeks the thing actually stayed on our wall, it worked. He liked the idea of not having to remember the list and having the ability to do them in his timing. Now I keep a simple paper list.


2. DIY

Learn a new skill.  Bing it.  YouTube it. I divide my list into  Honey-Do and the  Honey-I-Dun-Did-it-Myself. Relieve some of  the burden if you can.


I needed a coat rack hung in the downstairs hallway for bathrobes. 

beka 006

They were in the way on the closet doors.

beka 007

I bought the coat rack I wanted.  The tools he needed were added to the pile.  When he came home from work I showed him the task.  It was done within the week.  I praised and thanked him.

It worked so well, the next week he asked me if I needed anything else done, since he was running to Home Depot.  I asked him to buy a white towel bar for the bathroom.  A few hours later, he brought me down to the bathroom to show me the finished project. 

He was as a proud as a kid with a homemade clay ashtray. 

Inland NW Christian Writers Conference 206

I smiled and stammered and said, “Well, thank you, honey, but that isn’t a towel bar.”

He stared and stammered and stared some more. The gerbils were running their guts out to process the information.  Coat rack….towel bar….coat rack…towel bar…

OH. I used glue and screws and it will NEVER come down.”

We now use coat hooks for our towels.  In the PNW it isn’t the best option because towels don’t dry quickly.  But, he was able to git ‘er dun, so we’re making the thing he dun got dun make do.

Speaking of git ‘er dun, this blog is done.  A three day weekend is coming up and I have to write my current Honey-Do List out. 

Good thing I know three ways to git the list dun!

Ten Things to Look for in The Perfect Man


For years I’ve joked with  single women, “You’ll never find The Perfect Man because I married him.”

My love for my husband grows and changes from year to year as we survive trials and tribulation.  They aren’t troubles within the marriage, they’re troubles outside we’ve weathered together. In fact, we’ve often joked that if the Lord had shown us the path we would  take together, we wouldn’t have gotten married.  Just joking, of course.  The truth is, life is hard for everybody, and going through life with someone who is your best friend and is there for you no. matter. what. is a joy and a privilege.

Years ago, my friend and her fiancé  took a test to see if they were compatible for marriage. They were asked questions about household chores, common interests, and expectations for future family. To me, it was shallow.

Who decides who’s going to do dishes before they’re married?

Life happens.  Some couples can’t have kids, others end up having more than they planned.  Other couples move and are exposed to new foods, interests and hobbies.  There are too many unknown factors to match up couples according to a simple list of physical things that will change.

The ideal is to  match the core of your ideals and ride the changes and hardships in life together. Choose a man who has a depth of faith and moral character that will endure for eternity.

Ten Things to Look for in The Perfect Man

Red heartThe Perfect Man loves the Son of Man more than you.  He is faithful to the Lord Jesus, His Word and His people. He actively uses his spiritual gifts to minister.  He should love the Lord more than you.


Red heartThe Perfect Man loves the real you.  There is no glass Cinderella slipper in his hand that you must fit into.  Yes, there are colors he  likes you to wear, or foods he wants to eat.  But, overall, he loves you for your passions, interests, and  beliefs. He wants you to become the woman the Lord created you to be, not the ideal mate he created in his mind.

Red heartThe Perfect Man loves you more than his possessions.  How does he react if you have an accident with something he owns?  When I dinged up our Suburban, my husband said, “It’s just sheet metal.”


Red heartThe Perfect Man loves the way you look, but his staying power isn’t dependent on your staying that way. Illness happens.  Babies happen.  Stress happens. I have two  6 1/2 inch skinny scars  that interweave across my neck like a macramé’ choker.  My husband  doesn’t see the imperfection, he sees the woman he loves. These blemishes don’t affect me, because they don’t affect him.


Red heartThe Perfect Man listens to you.  Yes, he needs to be reminded, he needs to be told more than once, after all the word MAN is still in that title, but overall, he listens to your words and understands the passion,  because he knows they come from your heart.


Red heartThe Perfect Man understands you come with baggage.  He’s willing to open up the baggage, help wash what’s inside and  repack it neatly.


Red heartThe Perfect Man knows when he marries you he marries the whole family. He won’t make you choose between him and them.  He doesn’t have to agree with their philosophies, approve of their life choices or enjoy all their activities.  He respectfully chooses to love them and be a part of the family because they’re your family.


Red heartThe Perfect Man is not afraid to ask for advice and is not too proud to act on advice given.  No person is an infinite fountain of wisdom, your life will always benefit from a man who is willing to seek out advice from others who are older and/or wiser.


roses and chocolates 001

Red heartThe Perfect Man blesses you when there is a reason and when there isn’t. I get flowers on Valentine’s Day and the First Day of School. But, I also have been given lovely gifts like an usual rock or a twisted piece of wood when my hubby was out hiking. When he went to the ocean for the first time on a business trip, he brought home a takeout box of white sand so I could share his experience.

roses and chocolates 009

Chocolate is always good, too.  It’s never about money, it’s about the thought.

Girls' Apt 045

Red heartThe Perfect Man will pass the Bed Pan Test. This is the final and hardest test to pass.

Many  men will buy flowers.

Many men will buy chocolates.

Not many men will hold a bed pan.

The Perfect Man  holds the bed pan while you puke your guts out.Then he’ll wipe your mouth, give you a drink of water, and not care that your breath stinks.  That’s what my man did eight years ago when I went through my first round of thyroid cancer.

The Perfect Man grows more perfect through trials, clinging to the Lord for His strength and  wisdom. He endures poverty and riches, sickness and health, joy and sorrow with the same faith and joy. Because His love for the Lord endures, His love for you will endure.

Not all marriages will require a bed pan, but all couples will endure trials together. Many marriages end during cancer. Other marriages are destroyed while dealing with a prodigal child, a miscarriage, death of a child or financial troubles.

The bed pan signifies the commitment of a man determined to stick out his faith and his marriage, by the grace of God,  at any personal cost during every trial.  He’s willing to sacrifice for his bride, because He loves the One who gave up His life for His bride. How men handle frustration and trials will tremendously affect your marriage.

So, that list you have in your Bible.  C’mon, single girls, admit it.  I know THE LIST is in  there, that’s where I kept mine. Take it out right now and add one more thing:

“Must be able to pass the Bed Pan Test.”

And next time you look into the eyes of the young man you’re swooning praying over, if you’re confident he could hold a bed pan,  he just might be The Perfect Man. 



Sledding Without Snow

My hubby is wary when I bring something unusual home from the thrift store or a garage sale.

Rightfully so.  Either he has to look at the thing for the rest of his life, fix it or make it into something. Remember all the gray fence boards he  helped me bring home last summer?  “Really?  You WANT all his old fence?"

Yep, really, I wanted it and used it.  Now he loves the area I created and named The Redneck Grill.  He just had his initial moments of doubt.

sled 010

He had those same doubts when I walked through the door with this.

In our neighborhood, it snows very little.  We can drive up the mountain and be around tons of snow, if we wanted to.  We rarely want to.  Scott and I were stormed in and shoveling out most of our lives while living in the upper Midwest.

sled 008

But this was a beauty I couldn’t pass up at Value Village. Don’t those wings just convince you this sled could make you fly?

sled 001

That’s why they named it the Flexible Flyer.  This model is the Airline Patrol for kids who dream of being a Pilot when they grow up.

“So, what are you going to do with it?” he asked with the caution of a man whose Honey-Do list that is always longer than the list of what a kid wants for Christmas.

I assured him I was going to use it to display food on the buffet line for the Christmas party we were hosting.  He was relieved.

An hour later I had a burst of genius. “Scott, there was a longer sled there, too, but I passed it up because I didn’t know what to do with it.  Now, I know what I want to do with it.  It would make a perfect coffee table!” 

A few hours later, we drove back to Value Village.




I was so disappointed.  Why can’t I be genius when I’m standing in front of an item, not after it’s sold to somebody whose light bulb went off in the store?

The gorgeous Flexible Flyer had to become a coffee table, and my old sled that usually decorates the front porch would go on the buffet table.

Various crates were tried underneath, they were too big. I wandered around the house, in the garage and the sheds looking for inspiration.  I crawled up in the attic, but only succeeded in hitting my head.

I had to break the news to hubby. I needed help.  He was The Help. After all, it was Saturday and he had the whole day off to be at my disposal.  At least that’s the way I looked at the situation.

We debated back and forth on how to make the vision come true. The frame couldn’t take away from the beauty of the sled.  It had to be easy to build.  It had to be cheap. It had to be sturdy enough to put coffee cups on without spilling. I hate wasting good coffee.

Christmas Activities 021

This is what we came up with.  Together.  Because neither of us is right all the time, but mostly I am.

Just kidding!

He’s just learned that when I have a project vision, I’m not asking him to change the vision, but help it come true. I’ve learned that my ideas aren’t always practical or possible, so we have to talk until we can breathe life into the vision.

I loved his little details of covering the screws with those little brown half-circle thingies and the stabilizing bar across the middle. I would have been satisfied with less, but he went the extra mile.

Christmas Activities 024Christmas Activities 026

The moment of celebration!

As we sat and admired the coffee table,  I realized it was good for me to make  ask him to do this.  He  loves working with wood and it’s a great stress reliever.  He has a lot of stress in his life.  I always worry about his heart health, but you know men and doctors.  The only men that go to check-ups willingly are the docs themselves.

Anyhoo –

He relaxed.

He laughed.

He enjoyed.

He’s pleased with the work of his hands and the ability to make my vision come true.

sled 006

The sled coffee table is a success in so many ways.

I think the more Honey-Do Projects I come up with, the longer my Honey will be around to do them.

During an IM exchange a few days later, he said,

“i really love building and creating:  sort of my art work
and…my dad was a great carpenter

can’t wait for the next project… bring it on”

Guess I’ll be taking more trips to the thrift store looking for unusual items.


mAkInG fUn Of mOm

My dear husband declared that blogging really wasn’t fair. He didn’t think I should be able to make fun of everybody else in the family and nobody could pick on me.

stuff from june 068

I welcomed him to become a guest blogger, but he said he has back surgery every day for the next year. Or, maybe, he was going to paint stripes on the highway, or expand his string collection. Anyway, he didn’t take me up on my offer.


I decided to do it for him. That’s what good wives do, they do all the things the husbands should do and could do and would do if you  waited a year or ten. As a good helpmate, I will help him and make fun of myself.


Sad to say, these things are true, unexaggerated, and a fair show of the abuse I take around here.

I blog in kind retaliation, I don’t start it.  Really, I don’t.


  4-2009 I treated myself to a rare experiment in pampering, a haircut by a stylist friend with a shop in her backyard. She washed, cut and fixed my hair, curling each long strand in a gorgeous do’.

I was ready to stun my family with my grand entrance.

Instead, I was stunned.

Grace,  my Amazing Grace, greeted me with wide-eyed enthusiasm. “Wow, Mom! Your hair looks just like DNA!”

“DNA?” my husband asked, thinking he missed some new rad teenage term. “What’s that?”

” A DNA strand, ya, know, like in Biology.”

(Of course, I don’t have a picture of me looking stunning with curled hair.)


Tea Party with Beka 010

  5-5-2009 I was snuggling with Beka in her bed, enjoying her comments on how much she loved me and how she thought I was so pretty.

Suddenly she shuddered, jerked back a little, and said, “Ooh, sometimes when I get too close to you, you look scary. But, then when I get far away again, you look normal again.”

She’s right, I look a little scary close-up.  I think I scared myself.


country village 060

Like mother, like daughter.  She can look a little scary up close, too.

Virginia City and Nevada City 058

8-2009 While on vacation in Montana, I relaxed. I really relaxed. I didn’t wear make-up and I didn’t fix my hair. I spent a lot of time on the dock sunbathing and reading. The day we were going into town I decided to fix my hair and put on make-up. However, because of the dryness of the air and the slow speed of my mom’s hair dryer, I was having a hard time getting my hair styled the way I wanted it.

My Dad greeted me with enthusiasm I mistook for admiration. “I’m glad you fixed your hair today,” he began.

I waited in anticipation for my daddy’s adoring compliment to make all things feel better. “It reminds me that I need to buy a new mop.”


9-2009 Scott, addressing me, of course,  “You should have been born a cat. You are SO finicky.”


9-16-09 I was expressing frustration to my husband that one of my kids had messed with my camera. This was the same day one of my kids left my van key, the only key we have to the minivan, in her friend’s car, a few towns north of us. Another kid left the weed-wacker and a bicycle outside after they were told to put them away. This same kid didn’t take out the roast to thaw, so we had no meat ready for dinner. My world is always being messed with or kept from rotating perfectly.

My husband, as always, had the perfect solution. “I think you need to be on a planet where it’s only YOU.”

Get me on the next flight!

Proverbs 17:22

 A merry heart does good, like medicine,

But a broken spirit dries the bones.


(This is a show of true humility, I’m sure, because I normally choose the best pics of me, not the worst.  But, since I have vowed to keep it real on this blog, here’s the real deal and your medicine.)





Going EMO

It’s that time of year,
when we start going EMO.

I don’t mean the depressed, black look with hair hanging in my eyes.

I mean


I blogged about this a year ago today,
and the weather has been reminding me of my yearly resolution.

After all, the rains are coming soon, and then will will spend


Prairie School pics 005

We’ve been doing school outside. 

(Hey, speaking of school, I started a new homeschool blog called Prairie Momma.
Would love to have you check it out.)

Labor Day Weekend 128

We’re playing outside, enjoying the last hours warm enough to splash around.

Labor Day Weekend 037

We’re still cooking outside at the Redneck Grill,
although we had an epic failure with the first Jiffy Pop popcorn.

But, if laughter is the best medicine,
that experience should stave off the first colds of the season.

Barbie Hair 010

We watch movies outside.  Of course, a fire always helps keep off the evening chill.

Like 49’ers after gold,
every drop of fall sunshine
is soaked up
because we know
it will soon be gone.

For a few days,
knowing I would soon be inside for months,
I skipped cooking and cleaning,
and opted for reading on the deck
in the sunshine.

The skies will be gray
and our windowpanes will be streaked
with the constant dribbles
of the winter rains.

Our flip-flops will be tossed
to the back of the closet
and our rainboots will take prominence.

But for now,
the battle cry of the day is

I’m gunna spend


Gotta’ run.

Those Friday rays are calling…

Where in the World was Momma Mindy?

I never enjoyed reading those blog posts that began, “I’m sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I was…..”

But, now I have to write one of those blog posts that begin, “I’m sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I was….”







If there’s one thing I finally learned, you can’t be Super Woman every day of your life.  When  juggling the events of your life, you eventually will drop a few things.  Things you love to do, things you want to do and things you need to do. Things like blogging.

You just can’t do it all.

So, you choose, or life chooses for you.

Back to where have I been?

On a spiritual journey.

Every summer for the past 12 years, my husband has been preaching at this summer camp in the woods of Minnesota.  Should I add mosquito infested woods?

He started attending as a child because his mom made him. He was a troubled, angry kid trying to survive his parents’ divorce.  In need of relief, his mom shipped him off to this camp for two weeks because it was free. She never had to make him go back again, he loved Bible camp.

Yea, the camp is free.  It runs on faith and faith sustains. Faith also saves.  After four years of attending camp, Scott trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior. That’s what makes preaching there even more special, he was born-again there and helps bring others into new life in Christ  by preaching the Gospel.

It’s been our thrill and delight to travel from Seattle to Duluth each summer to join the dear  midwest believers in ministering the Gospel. OK, not every part of the 1665 mile trip is thrilling and delighting, but camp is always worth the trip.

After a long year of homeschooling, I’m always tired.  This past year we’ve had a lot of serious trials, so I had spiritual fatigue in addition to physical fatigue. But, every year we make the trip and I am reminded that serving is what restores me to face another year.

After our week with the junior high kids, our son got married in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Then, hubby flew to Georgia for business while Beka and I stayed at Story Book so she could be a camper for the






Beka and I traveled home, visiting friends and relatives in MN, ND, MT and ID.  It would have been easier to blog as I traveled, as I have in the past, but this year I wasn’t SUPER MOM.  I was just one tired mom who needed to spend time with the women who have impacted my life.  I arrived back in Seattle with a bajillion bugs plastered on the outside of my husband’s car, vintage stuff PACKED in inside the car, and a heart refreshed for another year.

My husband got the car washed, I’m almost unpacked, so it’s time to get back to blogging…….

Fine Dining at the Redneck Grill

Ya’ might remember that my hubby and I are misplaced Rednecks,

adjusting to the life of city-slickers.

We’re learning to enjoy best of both worlds,

so I coined the phrase City-Slickin’ Rednecks.

City-slicking life has  traffic, horn-honking commutes and a  rapid pace.

It takes a lot of energy to live in the city.  Some find it exhilarating.  I find it exhausting.

We look for ways to unwind at the end of long days.

We dig deep into our Redneck roots to find ways to stay relaxed while

surviving and thriving the city-slickin’ life.

You might remember fire relaxes our family.  So does food.

I toldja’ how to make a Redneck Breakfast.

So food AND fire is a sure-fire way to unwind after work.

Especially when the chef is so good-lookin’.  He’s cookin’ and smilin’.

I sat and read a book. I was smilin’ ‘cuz I didn’t have to make dinner.

Beef.  It’s what’s for dinner if hubbster is cookin’.

Scott has perfected grilling over charcoal and  wood coal fire so he cooks steaks medium rare to perfection,

testing by only touching the steak with his fork.   He’s amazing.

Because I’ve finally convinced my husband that steak alone isn’t a meal

and that potato chips do not count as a vegetable,

we had a salad.

We even bring this salad to baseball games with pre-cooked chicken when  we’re tired of either

being hungry or don’t want to eat  another hamburger grilled in lard.

The final product.

Outdoor dining at it’s finest.

Yes, that embellishment is a Bleeding Heart.

No, I didn’t eat it.

Photo: Having a cow http://instagr.am/p/MPS0TtA4X4/

Another night we grilled outside,

my son-in-Law, Aaron took this picture and titled his Facebook post

 “Having a Cow.”

Yea, totally having a cow.

I can’t believe he ate the whole thing.

Wait, yes I can!

When life is fast and furious,

you have to learn to unwind.

But if we only sought physical relaxation, we would still be lacking.

The Lord Jesus patterned for us the way to  unwind.


Matthew 14:23

“And when he had sent the multitudes away,

he went up into a mountain apart to pray:

and when the evening was come, he was there alone.”


I’ve heard the saying,

“If you don’t come apart,

you’re going to come apart.”

We need to come apart from the busyness of our lives,

but come into  the presence of the Lord.

Don’t just feast on beef,

feast on the Word of God.

It’s what’s for dinner.

Just Because Flowers

My husband buys flowers for Valentine’s Day.

My husband buys flowers for the first day of school.

My husband buys flowers for my birthday.

He is smart enough  NOT to buy flowers after a fight,
because what wife wants the reminder?

But, to be honest, the best kinda’ flowers…..

…are the JUST BECAUSE flowers.







Scott didn’t know at the

same time

he was picking out this bouquet,
I was reading a disturbing email that upset me greatly.

I was home, trying to figure out how to handle the situation,
crying and praying, when my dear hubby walked in with his warming smile,
these beautiful flowers and a hug of assurance.

It wasn’t just a confirmation of my husband’s love for me,
but of the Lord’s love and concern.

Before I could even tell my husband my problem, the Lord was working through him.

For over a week flowers in the middle of the dining room table preached,
“Mindy, I KNOW and I CARE. Before you can even tell anyone your problelms,
I am working in ways you don’t know or understand.
I will handle all of your problems. TRUST ME.”

I have a dear hubby and a Heavenly Father who are loving me and helping me through the joys and sorrows of life






City-Slicking Redneck Breakfast

Remember when I wrote about the
City-Slicking Redneck Vacation
I gave the tantilizing promise of showing ya’
a Redneck Breakfast?

Pull out your tastebuds, here’s the recipe.

backyard campfire

Wake up when you wanna’
and start a delicious fire in your firepit.

We’ve lost the ability, or actually the desire,
to start a fire with one match.
We use wax fire starters now.
I know, totally cheating, right?
That’s the City-Slicker in us.
It’s now more important to be able to merge
between a Lexus and a Hummer going 60 mph during rush hour.

(City-Slicking Traffic Tip – the more expensive car you pull in front of,
the more likely they are to tap their breaks and let you in.
They don’t wanna’ hurt their precious cars, ya’ know.)

coffee and campfireAdd a few more logs and a cuppa’ coffee.

For good measure, add a few more logs and
one mystery-reading daughter.

cooking on a coffee can

Remember that coffee can from yesterday?
It can easily be transformed into a Buddy Burner.
Cut an opening neatly  into the bottom,
like I did,
to slide the fuel inside.

Fuel is a tuna can filled with tightly
rolled up corregated cardboard, then filled with melted wax.

If you add too much, like I did, it is hard to get the flame started
and you end up chipping a lot of wax off.

bacon on a buddy burnerAdd a man’s favorite ingredient – BACON!
It gives a man a reason to hang around and cook the rest
of the breakfast, especially when you forgot to use a
bottle opener to slice open triangular air holes on the top of the can,
like I did.


That’s why the bacon cooked so slowly.

When the bacon is finally crispy and there’s bacon
grease on the burner, you’re ready for the eggs.

Gently dab a few little bacon grease behind your ears
if you want some extra attention from the Hubbster that day.
He’ll be so enticed, he might stop sneaking out to his car
to sniff his New Car air freshener.

Buddy Burner Breakfast

Crack the first one open, and when it slides into the gravel,

Buddy Burner Breakfastquickly crack open another egg and hope your wife doesn’t notice.

At this point we considered taking out the
one-burner propane stove to facilitate efficiencies.

How’s that for City-Slicking lingo?

Buddy Burner Breakfast

When the third and fourth jumped off the ledge,
just because their friends did,
ya’ gotta’ come up with a new plan.

At this point, Hubby was on his game.
He WOULD conquer the Buddy Burner.

Buddy Burner BreakfastAh, hah!

When rain threatens progress and children are still hungry,
throw up the canopy and keep cooking.

Buddy Burner BreakfastSip more coffee,
then cook this over and over, until all little tummies are full.

Marvel that the day isn’t even half over,
sip more coffee,
then dream and drool about the ribs  yer’ gunna’ cook
on the firepit for dinner.

If your coffee has to be made from freshly ground
fair-trade coffee beans,

you MUST be a City-Slicker.

If you’ve cooked breakfast on a coffee can,
and eaten it with gusto,

you MUST be a Redneck!

If you’ve done both,
on the same weekend,

you MUST be a City-Slicking Redneck!


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