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Experience Success at a Writers Conference


In the olden days, writers painstakingly hand penned a book manuscript without ink blots,  tied it up with string, wrapped it in brown paper and mailed it to an editor.

Josephine March sending off her manuscript

Over time, query letters came into vogue.

You  typed out your polite letter, described your amazing work, and asked the editor if they wanted to review your manuscript for publication.

If they said yes, you would tie it up with string, wrap it in brown paper and mail it.

More than just the mailing format has changed for today’s writer. Many editors will toss not only unsolicited manuscripts, but unsolicited query letters and proposals. Without regret. Without warning. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

image         image

In the Christian Writer’s Market Guide and the Writer’s Market many  publishers advise they accept manuscripts only through agents.

You can’t directly communicate with the editors, and you have to prove yourself to an agent to get to an editor?

What? How can authors meet people in the industry?


Writers Conferences


It’s as simple as that. Not only do you get instruction on the craft and marketing and meet like-minded writers, you meet the gatekeepers in the industry, editors and agents.

But, many newbie writers spend the money to attend a conference, only to discover they really weren’t prepared. They zealously pitch their novel, and find they should have done their homework, the editor isn’t looking for that particular genre. They didn’t print business cards, so end up scribbling their contact information on a torn piece of paper. Newbies are unsure about what to wear, what to bring, and how to act.

I just described my very first writers conference.

But, their hope of publication depends meeting and successfully connecting with those all-important editors and agents.

If you’re like most pre-published writers, this very thought has you shaking in your boots, quivering like a leaf, and frightened to death. Can ya’ tell I opened my Cliché’ Drawer for that sentence?

The Christian Writers Coach  answers all the questions you have and the ones you didn’t know to ask.

NWCWA Final Cover (4)

It was written by members of the Northwest Christian Writers Association in Kirkland, WA, who have a passion to help writers succeed. The articles are broken into four sections, beginning  with biographies of five successful people in the industry, to encourage you on the path. Chronologically, the how-to articles help you  prepare for, survive through and follow-through after a conference. Specific topics included are on proposals, one-sheets, conference binders, networking tips, preparing and giving a pitch, and  critique groups.

Links are included at the end of each chapter to encourage further study and introduce you to some of the names in the industry. A writer needs to have the mindset of constantly learning the craft and polishing their skills. (If you buy the e-book, you’ll be able to click your way right to further study.) 

OCW Robin Jones Gunn 036

After meeting Robin Jones Gunn at an Oregon Christian Writers conference,  I wanted to share how the Lord led her into the ministry of writing in the biography section. She writes for women of all ages, from pre-teen to mature, and teaches at writers conferences.  A few years later, I still feel blessed  I met her. 

(I blogged This Chick Met the Sister Chick.)

Mindy in CWC 030

I still love her testimony. We serve an amazing God!

Mindy in CWC 038

An extrovert who loves helping writers succeed,  I also wrote the article on networking.

Are you one of those 90% of Americans who dream about writing a novel?  I can’t help you finish it, but I can help you rock the next writers conference you attend.


You just need a little coaching.


For further encouragement:


Then, after you’ve been coached, you’ll be  ready to learn from Oxford scholar and prolific writer, Davis Bunn, and meet our line-up of editors and agents.

Get Coached!


How to Get Your Novel Published


cool tools 008

When Gina Holmes published her debut novel, Crossing Oceans, she received high praise from prolifically published authors and won awards. From her website we’re told this novel “was a Christy and Gold Medallion finalist and winner of the Carol Award, INSPY, and RWA’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice, as well as being a CBA, ECPA, Amazon and PW Religion bestseller.”


Crossing Oceans      Dry as Rain   Wings of Glass

Sound like a dream come true? Yes.  But a dream that came with a price. A price she was willing to pay.

Gina Holmes personifies patience and diligence.  If you’re holding onto that dream you’re going to be discovered as a writer and be immediately launched into fame, sit down right now. This news will be hard for you to take. She had to work at her writing.  Yes, she is gifted, talented and called to write, but she says it took ten years to get her first novel published. Notice I said first novel published.  It was the fifth novel she wrote. Learn from her experience in this video below.

“Write and Get Your Novel Published” by Gina Holmes

(More videos by Gina found here.)

Dreams happen while you’re sleeping.  Dreams come true when waking moments are filled with the sweat equity required to perfect your abilities.

Athletes exercise.
          Scholars study.
                    Scientists experiment.

Why do writers think we can write right on the first try? As Gina pointed out, it takes four years to get a college degree, shouldn’t it take at least that long to learn the craft of writing?

I made it easy for you to

follow Gina’s advice.

butt in chair 003

  “Get yourself to a writers conference!” 

Although most writers desire to be published, that isn’t our main purpose for writing.  We long to encourage and help people with the words birthed through our own pain and experience.

Darkness hates light and by sharing our experiences even under the guise of fiction, we are able to minister to those who are travelling the path we’ve already come down. By exposing our own sins and secrets, we are able to understand and sympathize in a way those who haven’t gone through what we have can. More than that, we are allowing others to share their struggles and find healing and support.” Gina Holmes

To have our healing words read, they have to be published.
To be published, they have to be written.
To be written, we have to put our butts in that chair.

We’re only one page a day away.