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Have you ever wanted to wake up to this  headline?

“Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep.”

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Mondays come so soon, and march in with big demands on my life.  The To-Do List is always longest on Mondays.  Plus, there are SO many of them! One day out of each week is a Monday.  That’s 1/7th of our life!

Some like to wax eloquent about each day being a gift.  But, Monday is a gift you can’t return. But, if you could, I’d save them all up and exchange them for a week of Fridays.  A week of delicious anticipation and thrill that the weekend is coming. A week of knowing all obligations and expectations are coming to a close and I have two days for relaxation.

It seems Monday comes sooner and lasts longer than any other day of the week.  I try to convince myself it’s the same as the rest of the days in the week.

The sun still rises.
The birds still sing.
The grass is still green.  (Where I live, anywayRolling on the floor laughing)

What makes Mondays bad is the bad attitudes about Mondays.

There’s a whole culture for Monday haters.  You can buy t-shirts on Amazon, and scope out Etsy for crafts, wall hangings and décor claiming your hatred for the first day of your work or school week.

What we dread,  becomes a thing of dread. Since 1/7 of my life is taken up by Mondays, I should wake up with the attitude,

“Wow, another week to love my family!”
“Another week to accomplish what I’ve been called to do!”
“Another week to serve the Lord!”

After all, when the Lord created  days and nights He said it was “Good.”

That means all the days.

That means Mondays.

That means today.  The Monday I wasn’t ready for, but jumped into anyway, still in my pajamas.

And ya’ know what Tuesday is?

A reward for surviving Monday.