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When Inspiration Becomes a Distraction


When I started getting serious about writing, I utilized all my senses to inspire my writing. I figured I needed all the help I could get.


Sight: I love sitting next to water or mountains to write.  That isn’t always practical. I use pics of places I love, pics of family, quotes and verses of inspiration on my walls.

Hearing: Music of praise and hope can inspire words to fly from the heart to the screen. 

Touch: Hubby bought me a padded office chair.  I have a soft lap blanket for warmth.

Smell: My clove-studded orange is on heat vent. 

Taste:  True confession, I reward myself with treats when I write well.  True confession, I inspire myself to write well by rewarding myself with a treat before I write.

Others may munch on chips, popcorn or cookies.

Not me.

I love me some candy.

I don’t need a lot, just a few nibbles.  A bag or box can last me a long time.

In fact, candy inspires me so much, when I was at a grocery store with bins of candy — yes, I’m sure there is part of Heaven that will look just like this aisle — I bought special encouragement.


Don’t these motivate you to greatness?  I’m sure gummies could inspire classics to be written. Sweet, not sour, never-ever-ever sour gummies. Sweet gummies taste like more.

That’s why I bought them, to write an inspiring  blog post.

Just for you.

‘Cuz that’s what I love to do, write. I write my guts out, after I stuff my guts with candy.


When I bought the W-R-I-T-E gummies, I also bought gummies for this vintage bowl.  Isn’t it just lovely?  Doesn’t it just NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to hold something  sweet in my office?

But when I started taking pics of my inspiring candy for my inspiring blog post, I realized I had forgotten a few stashes.

Just a few.


Like the stash in this drawer. I was hiding the Christmas presents my husband was given at work.  I love those work gifts, one year he was given so many treats, I hardly baked.

Nuts are good for you.  So is dark chocolate.  So don’t judge me, k?


I forgot about this stash. I love this tiny enamel pot.  We found it in an old shed on the Olson farmstead our family bought in North Dakota in 1977.


I kinda forgot about this stash, too. It’s hidden behind a tiny dresser.  Hubby celebrates Valentine’s Day from the day they start selling stuff until they clearance it out.  He knows I love hearts and chocolate and red, so it’s a no-brainer, doncha’ think?

But, since my kids like to take a bite out of EACH AND EVERY chocolate in the box, I hafta’ hide them.  It’s no fun biting into a chocolate with teeth marks, unless they’re yours, of course.


These sat in front of me for so long, I forgot they was there. How can you forget caramels? Nice, sweet. delicious, caramels. So, oohey-gooey they stick to the wrapper. The finger-lickin’ good candy that reminds me I should keep a small container of baby wipes in my office, too. No wonder my keyboard is always sticky.


Now this stash is necessary.  I don’t want my family to smell chocolate on my breath!

When I forget the breath mints, they all come in my office to invade my stash. They’re not here because they miss me, no sirree, but I like to tell myself they love their sweet ol’ mommy more than the fodder for her sweet tooth.

When my teenage son said, “Mom, I was gunna’ say you’re gunna’ write yourself into a workout video, but that would be insulting,” I realized my INSPIRATION was  becoming a DISTRACTION. I became Pavlov’s dog, drooling every time I sat down at my computer.

I was gaining weight;  the friend that leans over my belt to sit on my lap when I write was a bit larger.  If anything is going to grow, it needs to be my brain, not my belly. I shared my tasty inspiration with my family and evaluated what inspiration really worked for me.

Anything we use to INSPIRE ourselves…coffee, movies, books, naps, music, social media, snacks…can end up DISTRACTING us from the work we set out to do.

Whether we need to clean the house, make a meal, finish the laundry or…..sorry, had to eat that Almond Joy calling my name.

                              HAS BECOME A

1.  Does your inspiration decrease productivity? Are you doing this instead of the task you were inspiring to complete?

2. Do others notice your obsession?  Ahem.  Like your family. Or your mirror.

3. Does it produce a mood or feeling opposite of the one you need to work?

4.  Does it affect your ability to focus on your work?

5.  Has your inspiration created a dependency so you think you can’t work without it?

I In the end, it isn’t about tricks we use to inspire, it’s about hard work.  Can we hunker down and work hard enough to complete a task at hand?

Cuz ya’ know what?

That’s truly inspirational.

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