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Online Post-It Notes for Blondes

cool tools 008_thumb[8]

I love Dumb Blonde Jokes.

I grew up being tormented about having white blonde hair.  The teasing was so bad, I thought I was a freak for having such weird hair, especially since I had 5 siblings with the same hair.  Imagine six Toe Heads (yes, that is what I thought we were being called)  exploding out five doors of a paneled  Pontiac station wagon.

That’s what it looked like when the Brainard Family arrived.

Mindy Childhood

(Who doesn’t love the 70’s?  Could never keep that collar in line, but I loved purple!)

I was called

Hi-Lex Hair
White Tornado

When  I was in high school I  heard someone say “Blondes Have More Fun.”  I stopped in the middle of the hallway.  I made them repeat it.  I made them explain it.  After all, I am blonde.

Then I understood. Blonde was good. Blonde was not bad.  People wanted blonde hair.  People bleached their hair to look like me.

That’s when I began enjoying Blonde Jokes.

SO, what does that have to do with Cool Tools?  Stop squirming.  I’ll get to that.  Kinda’ on a roll here.


Q – How can you tell if a blonde has been using your computer?
A – There’s
White-out on the screen.

Today, we’re putting something else on our computer screens.

Online  Post-it notes. Only Microsoft had to use their own special, little name so they’re called


Sticky Notes.  But these kind don’t lose their stick.

(If you can’t find it, look under ALL PROGRAMS)

Bear with me, Young People Who Grew Up With Computers.  Could you type your manuscript on the typewriter in the picture above? Could you do your calculations on a slide rule? Could you use an old adding machine?  The one with buttons and the you-won-the-jackpot handle?  OK.  Patience. We’re teaching Old Dogs New Tricks.

Right click on the    image icon. Once it’s on your Taskbar, it’s easier to use.


To begin using Sticky Notes, right clickimage on the icon on your Taskbar.


This dialogue box will drop down. Click on New Note.


Look what you just made.  Now, ya’ wanna’ know why you need this, right?  Ever been typing frantically and then you remember you forgot to pick up the dry-cleaning?  Ever remembered you need milk when you’re wasting hours on Pinterest? 


You have a quick way of keeping track of other things without breaking your stream of consciousness.

I used my Snipping Tool to cut out this Sticky Note from my computer screen.  Are you using the online scissors yet?  Didn’t I tell it it would be so fun?



You can choose your color.  Lists can be color-coordinated, for each activity. They have click-n-drag functionality, so you can easily move them around.  Want to create a new note?  Click the + on the upper left corner.  Want to delete a note?  Click on the x on the upper right corner.

Need to change the size?  Hover your mouse over the border until the arrow appears.  Click and expand or decrease.

They’re amazing. You just can’t take it off the screen and take it with you. You tried it?  Don’t be hurt if I’m laughing.  Are you blonde, by any chance?

And speaking of blondes making mistakes, did you know that Post-it Notes were originally a mistake? Spencer Silver was an employee at 3-M trying to make a stronger adhesive.  OOPS!  It was weaker than the one on the market.  So weak, things could be stuck, but pulled right off.  It was set aside for four years. 

Then another 3-M scientist, Arthur Fry, was a little annoyed that the markers in his hymnal kept sliding out while singing in the choir.

He thought of the failed adhesive.

It worked.

So, the lessons we learned today:





Making your home sing Mondays