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Waiting To Be Rescued?

One day on the Christian radio station, I heard an amazing story of survival.
A man, his wife, 4 year old son and pilot crashed into the ocean.
It just so happened  a smaller boat was nearby and the people dove in and began the rescue.
It just so happened  a larger boat nearby joined in the rescue.
It just so happened  there were doctors that began medical assistance immediately.

It just so happened they all survived.

It was an amazing story.  It made me cry.
It was miraculous and could have only been orchestrated
by a Holy and Mighty God.
Honestly, some tears were from joy, some from jealously.
I selfishly wondered why the Lord choose
to deliver some people and not others?When I find myself having these kind of
wrong thoughts about the Lord,
I seek an answer in the Word and in prayer,
then I might blog about it.
That’s how I birthed the blog  God Doesn’t Always Deliver.
I have to daily surrender my “right” to plan my own life.It’s ridiculous, when you think about it.
We boldly sing and proclaim that Jesus is Lord of everything,
we gladly give Him all,
He’s on the throne,
Take our Lives and Let Them Be,
blah, blah, blah.
Then, in the privacy of our homes and our hearts,
we hold back.Like kids unwilling to share their toys or treats,
we withhold our

We’re all being challenged in one or more of these areas,
that’s why we cry out for deliverance.
We’re not willing to “share” an area with the Lord.
It belongs to Him, we gave our lives to Him,
we just don’t trust Him with His plans for that area.

Let’s open our hands and release what we’re withholding from the Lord,

then raise our hands in

Are you waiting to be rescued?

Leave a comment  and let’s pray for one another.
If you can’t share details, just say unspoken.
I will pray for you and I ask my readers to pray.

Until the Lord delivers us, tread water in faith.
We don’t know how our stories end,
but I’m confident it will be like that ocean rescue~

But, Daddy, you PROMISED!

If I heard this once, I heard it a thousand times.
When our kids were very young,
my dear hubby would make a promise
(like for a horse)
and the kids couldn’t patiently wait for the fulfillment.
Kids don’t understand details must be arranged
 before asks become answers.


Sometimes, Daddy wants to wait for the perfect timing.
Sometimes, Daddy wants to bless them when they need it the most,
not when they want it the most.
Sometimes, they have to keep their end of the promise,
to receive Daddy’s blessing.


A child’s impatience expects the words to jump off the tongue
 and morph into whatever was promised.
Kids need to learn to wait on Daddy,
without whining,
or throwing a temper tantrum.
They don’t trust their Daddy
They don’t believe their Daddy.
They want their way, not his.
They might wrongly think
they’re not loved
not listened to.
 Daddy’s discretion is more important than immediate gratification.
Feet stomping and huffing won’t change the mind of a Daddy.
He hears praise.
He hears thankfulness.
He hears love.
He watches for patience.
He watches for understanding.

As Daddy, he reserves the right to answer the promise
in His way
in His timing.

But, wait,
we’re talking about our kids still,
As we wait on the Lord for answers to promises from His Word,
shoudn’t we be modeling the behavior we desire and expect
from our children?
He promised to never leave or forsake us.
 He promises He hears our prayers.
He promises to deliver.
In every book of the Bible,
every chapter,
every page,
every paragraph,
every sentence,
promises are made by our promise-keeping Father.
Pick a promise from your Daddy,
pray about it and
be patient.
No foot stompin’
or whining’
for any of us,
Cuz ya’ know what?