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How Do You Wanna’ Be Found?

Yesterday while I was blogging on things
my daughter, Rebekah, found something that was lost.
For a month after my grandkids left,
I couldn’t find my counting bears.
We knew they’d been tucked away in the living room,
somewhere out of the hands of little kids
who kept eating and throwing them.
We looked, laughed, looked and laughed about the lost bears.
But we never found them, until Beka’s memory was sparked.
Brookelyn had fallen in love with my large, aluminum coffee pot,
and carried it around for a week,
 after loved filling it wif “tweasures.”

Beka found lotsa’ “tweasures.”

Bubba Dumps, our silly nickname for Brayden,
loved this dump truck.

 A random block from the set Bubba loved.
He called them “ABC’s.”  Isn’t he smart? 
(I’m thinkin’ all the  “tweasures” weren’t just things Brookie treasured,
but things she didn’t want Brayden to treasure?) 
A missing paci – am I surprised?


This camel is really a “tweasure,” one of the only things left
 from the1993 trip Scott and I took to Israel.

The missing stamp from our once-again complete alphabet set.
A dress-up bracelet Brookie loved wearing.
Beka’s keys!
How can you play adult-running-errands without car keys?

And there at the bottom of all the “tweasures,”

we found my counting bears.
Now I can finish learning to count.
Yesterday, I blogged about being found by the Lord in salvation.
We rejoiced that though we once were
we’ve been
We will be found again, at the end of our life,
either by death or by rapture.
When we stand before the Lord in Glory we need to be ~
found in Him  
found blameless  
We were thrilled when we finally found some missing plastic bears.
But, at the end of my life, I don’t want to be
found hidden away, useless and unavailable.
I want to be
spiritually ready to bring
praise, honor, and glory  at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
How do you wanna’ be

Lost and Found Mission

Our 8 year old daughter, Rebekah, was given a digital camera for Christmas,
and we quickly discovered it came without a memory card.
Big brother Jon remembered he had an old one kicking around his room.
Beka had a thrill when I downloaded her first batch of pictures.
Look what we found!
Little Baby Brookie

Isn’t she adorable?

Isn’t she a good eater?
I wonder if  rice cereal is a beauty treatment?
Do ya’ think it keeps away baby acne?

She still loves her deet-dee.  (pacifier)

And she’s still adorable.
It instantly brought us back to the time when she was so small,
she fit doll clothes and when she smelled like a  baby.
I love the smell of baby!
She loved to be held. 
Now, a busy 3 year old, she might let you hold her occasionally,
when she isn’t pretending that her Build A Bear Monkey won’t stop climbing on her,
when she isn’t busy exploring with Dora,
when the “westwant” in her playroom isn’t open to serve plastic pizza,
when she isn’t coloring another picture for “du fwidge.”
We were mostly thrilled that pictures that once were
were now
Don’t those words just send spiritual shivers through your body?
Or, did you  skip the shivers and go straight to singing?
“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.”
Luke 15 is all about lost and found things.
The shepherd went after one lost sheep, although he had 100.
Luke 15:7 And Jesus said,
“…there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner
 who repents than over ninety-nine just persons
who need no repentance.
 The woman went after one lost coin,  although she had ten.
 v. 10 “… there is joy in the presence of the angels of God
 over one sinner who repents.”
The father longed after one lost son,  although he had two.
v. 32 “for your brother was dead and is alive again,
and was lost and is found.”

The Father sent His Son on a lost and found mission.

Luke 19:10
For the Son of Man has come to seek

and to save that which was lost.”

I was found in 1982.

When were you found?