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Rock Your Facebook Social Media Tabs


My generation liked  matchy-matchy.  If we were styling brown shoes, we had a brown belt and purse. We would never  *gasp* wear brown boots and carry a black purse. The  wild colors and un-matching accessories of today can be hard on my 80’s sensibilities.

Today’s young women look fashionable and amazing – but I just can’t do it.  Pink pants and a lime green shirt?  Uffda.  Wait, this must be how my mom felt when I wore white sandals after September 1st.

cool tools 008

Anyhoo, today’s Cool Tool helped me transform my Facebook Author Page to be all matchy-matchy.  Remember the criteria for my Cool Tools?  They have to be free and easy enough for this old lady blogger to figger out.

image See the new coordinating look on my social media tabs?  They all sport the same vintage typewriter.  It started out by finding Joie de vie blog.  She introduced me to Woobox.  Yes, this little place on the internet  wooed my heart by promising to make my Facebook page all matchy-matchy. 


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Using Microsoft Word I typed up my titles using Courier New, the  most old-fashioned script, font size 99.  Yep, I lugged my vintage typewriter outside and posed it on table in the Redneck Grill, my backyard fire pit area made of weathered gray wood. This is the  same gray wood you see all around my social places.

I stood on a lawn chair, because I am too short for aerial view, and shot from different angles to see what I preferred.  When the photos were  scaled down to create the tabs the letters were too small to read, so I cropped them in Windows Live Photo Gallery, a free download from Microsoft. Yes, I blogged about that Cool Tool, too.

I used photographs for my custom tabs, but use your creativity to show your personality and interests. You could create images in Quozio, Ribbet, or  Recite This.

Then, I clicked over to Woobox.



FREE!  Is that not music to your ears?  Start at  Woobox and scroll to the bottom to find this green starting place.


You want to find Static Tabs at the top of the next screen.



Click Create a New Tab  on the top right side of the screen.


It drops down and Woobox offers you these choices.


I clicked on Pinterest and this dialogue box that popped up.  Click to enlarge if you’re old and infirmed like me and can’t read those little letters.


Click on change to bring you to your  photos.  Choose the one you want from your own files and save.


Ta Da!  A customized Facebook Fan Page everybody is sure to love, especially those from the 80’s!

If you update your tabs, please leave a link in the comment section to add to the inspiration!  I’d love to see what others create.

Keeping Face on Your Facebook Page


cool tools 008


In the olden days, a snake oil salesmen  would stand on a homemade wooden platform in the town center, gather a crowd,  and pitch his product. If the product worked, the townspeople would let the guy hang around. If it didn’t work, he took his platform, his product, the people’s money, and ran to the next town.

Today, writers and entrepreneurs still stand on a platform, gather a crowd and pitch their product. But, the platform isn’t made of wood, it’s built of the material of today’s universe, social media.

A Facebook Page is a good place to start to draw traffic to your website/blog and eventually to your product. But posts get lost in the algorithm of Facebook, and NO I am not paying Facebook to show my post to all the people who already LIKED me and obviously wanted to read every single word I write…..or at least every other word.

Have you ever clicked on the Boost Post button? 



This is what you get. It will be great when you have something ready for market, like a published a book or a new Etsy store, but for everyday platform building, Facebook  provides a free Cool Tool to draw consistent traffic to your page, the ability to schedule posts. We all know Facebook is addicting,  give people consistent content worth the addiction.

My goal is to post at least twice daily on my Facebook Author Page. On days I  blog, the posts usually relate to the content theme. On days I don’t blog,  I provide information or encouragement for other writers.

Like all my Cool Tools, scheduling posts is free and easy to use. Yes, I know  Facebook started this a year ago, but at my age, it’s hard to see the Bandwagon, let alone jump on it right away.


Once you drop your text in the box, a little clock pops up.  See the bunny nose?

Yes, I used Snipping Tool, how could you tell?  Oh, because you read my tutorial and now the online scissors all the time?


Working from left to right, you use the drop down boxes to set day and time, then click Schedule.




You can view your Activity Log in case you forgot what you scheduled or wanted to make sure you did it correctly.

Advantages to scheduling Facebook posts:

  • Can post up to 6 months ahead of time.
  • Facebook uses your current time zone, so you don’t have to remember that elementary school lesson.
  • You have a consistent FB presence even if your life is inconsistent.
  • Increases organization and intention in your writing/business life.
  • You can sleep in instead of being on Facebook early in the morning.

Of course, keeping with the whole scheduling idea, tomorrow on my imageAuthor Page,  I’m posting two great articles about Facebook by smart people.

Feel free to drop by and imageand read more about building your platform using Facebook.

Just don’t try to sell any of my LIKERS any snake oil, OK?

do yOu liKe mE?

‘member passing grade school notes?

you’d rip off a corner of your notebook paper
and print out what your heart longed to know.

you’d fold it over and over until it was nearly invisible and
have your best friend deliver it because you were nervous.I don't know smile

what if they checked NO?

what if you faced rejection?

the butterflies were worse
if you had just finished your  five cent carton of milk
during snack time.

some things never change.

I just hafta’ know how you feel.

do you like me 2

‘cuz I got a new
Author Facebook page
and I wanted to ask if you liked me enough
to be my friend?

it’s a place I’ll be hanging after school,
yes, after school because I homeschool.

my status updates will be to
and  introduce  
friends who love to read,
friends who love to write,
and friends that love both.

as I wait for your answer
my butterflies are worse because I just finished
two cups of coffee at snack time.

some things haven’t changed
and some things have.

instead of passing that note back when Teacher isn’t looking,
click on my pic above

and then click image with your trusty mouse finger.

see ya’ at recess, BFF.

(sometimes I do this at recess, too)