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Cut and Paste is Amazing Functionality

I just learned something.
I tried coping pictures from Facebook,
and surprisingly, it worked.
 copy (right click on mouse, copy)
and paste (control v) 
This is one of my favorite pics of granddaughter, Brookelyn.
Grandson Brayden is smirking about driving without a license.
Jana Rolandson
Jana and Grace are comparing bellies. 
Guess which one has a baby in it?
Bethany and her childhood friend, Brianna, enjoying a moment at the Pacific Ocean.
Daniel Peltier
Son Daniel and hubby Scott showing we still have
just a little bit of
 Midwestern Red Neck left in us.
Favorite SIL, Aaron, and son, Jon, enjoying some male bonding time.
Yea, video time is bonding time.

I like cut and paste.
When I find a recipe I might try,
I said might,
I copy it into a file in OneNote.
When there are great craft ideas I might want to use in the future,
copy and paste.
News articles that make me angry passionate,
copy and paste.
A wealth of information can be easily
copied and pasted
into my computer to be retrieved at any time I might need it.
The information is there, I just don’t always use it.
Rows of tantilizing recipes, never tried or tasted.
Lists of adorable crafts, never created.
I may have enthusiasm and intention to use all this information,
but it happens less than I care to admit.
Sometimes it seems my spiritual ambitions can be the same.
Copying the Word of God can be pretty easy.
I am convicted about having a morning quiet time
and have been pretty consistent through the years.
Studying the Word is important to me,
and I have tried to study on a weekly basis.
Fellowshipping is necessary, so I regularly attend my local assembly.
But,  pasting the Word of God,
applying it to my life where I need it,
can be tricky.
It’s easier to paste the Word of God into someone else’s life.
Knowing the right verse for someone else’s life is easy,
isn’t it?
Having the perfect advice for someone else’s life is easy,
isn’t it?
But, pasting the Word of God,
in faithful confidence,
to our own situation, can be challenging
If we have faithfully pasted the Word of God into our lives,
we should have the peace that passes understanding,
no anxiety,
no lack of sleep,
no crabby attitude towards others because of our trials.
Do I really do all things without grumbling or complaining?
Am I really counting it all joy during the testing of my faith?
Am I trusting in the Lord’s plan for my life?
Do I believe all things are caused and allowed by Him?
Maybe lack of fruit is because I am only
copying the Word of God
and not
pasting the Word of God.
A new day is before me,
a new week stretches ahead,
and I know this walk of faith will bring me
many situations that require me to
cut and paste
the Word of God
into my life.