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I Write Scenes in My Head

I write scenes in my head.


Situations in my life becomes a scene in a novel or a play. Anybody or anything is candidate for the next Scene in My Head.

People walking by aren’t pedestrians, they’re characters.

A man in the grocery store isn’t shopping, he’s undercover.

A kid that walks by with a forlorn look isn’t tired, but is running away from abuse.

I can take a real life scenario in front of me and turn it into fiction so quickly, I make myself cry.

Here’s a perfect example.

I was at a writer’s retreat, alone in my own cabin. I never could decide if the aloneness was “pure deliciousness” as my teens would say, or too much desert.  I love my hubby and kids and being alone was, well, very alone.

But, I was there, alone,  writing at the dining room table.  Writing.  Writing. Writing.

The curtains were closed for privacy, but a fall storm was setting the perfect scene outside.  Try describing this thunder and lightening, branches scratching my trailer kinda’ cold fall night without opening up your cliché drawer

Storm Activity Classes 15th 018

Ya’ know, the kinda’ storm that would muffle out screams?

The kinda’ storm where a tree could drop on my Jeep and I couldn’t drive away to safety?

The kinda’ storm that normal people don’t go out in?

Then, a moment of panic

The curtains behind the couch moved.

Then they moved again, the fabric lightly bellowed with an upward motion, in rhythm with a mechanical whirr, parting  the panels slightly.

With frightened fascination I embellished the scene.

Was there enough room behind the couch for a man to fit? Would he have a weapon?  Would someone hear screams despite the weather?  Could a help signal be flashed?


I wasn’t thinking what I should do. I created a character and wondered what she would do.

But having enough reality to know I should ensure my own safety, I walked around the trailer and checked doors and windows.  I didn’t want to get stuff wet and wanted to be sure I would stay alone in the Bad-Guys-Are-Out-There-Storm.

I was SURE I had locked both doors securely, but found the back door not only unlocked, but opened just a teensy tiny bit. The door was shut, but not latched, so easily could have been pushed open. My character and I I checked in the closets and  the bathtub. Both were empty.


When the  tension and drama in my “scene” were high, along with my heart rate,  I managed to locate my cell phone and call my hubby.

We laughed.

He’s getting used to being married to a writer. He let me replay the scene in my mind as if he were reading a page from my book, then we said our I love yous and good nights.

I went back to writing at the formica table.


The curtains behind the couch moved.

A  person might really be hiding there…

…and the Winners are….

I’m interrupting my MWF blogging schedule to announce some contest winners.

If I was really techy I would have figured out how to imbed some sound for a drumroll, but since I am not, feel feel to slap your desk in rhythm as you await in clichéd anticipation with baited breath on pins and needles.

The Annoying Husband Contest

This wasn’t really about how annoying husbands can be, but how wives get easily annoyed by making silly rules the husbands don’t understand and can’t seem to follow.

Pillow with Text from Snipping Tool

Like my rule about couch pillows being for decorative use only.  Who wants one more thing to clean?

Anyhoo,  Tandis won the contest for having the most annoying husband, or for being the best wife to see that her wonderful hubby is really trying to be a help and an encouragement.

Tandis’ contest entry said, “My husband is “juicing” to lose weight – how annoying is that? ;););)
When he juices – every single night – he sometimes lets the juicer get a little crazy and the cupboards and walls and ceiling end up with pieces of pulp plastered to them. ugh! When I remind him to wipe it off right away so it doesn’t stick/glue/stain the walls he laughs and says, “Wow, it got way up there??” As he stands gazing at where the pulp went. He is always impressed, like it was his goal all along!!! I tell ya… if I wasn’t rolling my eyes and holding back a laugh, I’d really be ticked. ;)

stuff 023

I included enough chocolate for Tandis to share with hubby to set back his dieting for a few days so he can juice more and decorate the ceiling even more.

If you want to read more of their exciting adventures with four daughters and assorted life adventures, she blogs at “Life as We SKI It.”  No, they don’t ski, hubby comes from Polish ancestry. That’s why he’s called SKI. 

The Memory Jar

The next contest also included chocolate and a good book.  As part of the 2013 Launch Team for Tricia Goyer, I was given a free copy of the first book in her Seven Brides for Seven Bachelor’s Series to give away.

I’m not a huge Amish fan, but I found I could easily relate to Sarah in The Memory Jar.  You can read my review here.

stuff 021

I rolled a dice for this one and Connie Mace was the winner. Connie is a gifted, inspirational writer who blogs at “Raise Your Eyes.” 

Top o' the Mornin' Mini Minnie!

Connie also wrote this adorable children’s book, “Top o’ the Mornin’ Mini Minnie!” that I’ll be reviewing in the future.

So, there ya’ go. 


 Thank you to all who entered. To those of you who read my blog but didn’t leave a comment for the contests, yes, I’m talking to you….maybe that ONE POUND CHOCOLATE bar might be enticing enough for you to step out of the blog shadows and enter my next giveaway…


How to Get Your Novel Published


cool tools 008

When Gina Holmes published her debut novel, Crossing Oceans, she received high praise from prolifically published authors and won awards. From her website we’re told this novel “was a Christy and Gold Medallion finalist and winner of the Carol Award, INSPY, and RWA’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice, as well as being a CBA, ECPA, Amazon and PW Religion bestseller.”


Crossing Oceans      Dry as Rain   Wings of Glass

Sound like a dream come true? Yes.  But a dream that came with a price. A price she was willing to pay.

Gina Holmes personifies patience and diligence.  If you’re holding onto that dream you’re going to be discovered as a writer and be immediately launched into fame, sit down right now. This news will be hard for you to take. She had to work at her writing.  Yes, she is gifted, talented and called to write, but she says it took ten years to get her first novel published. Notice I said first novel published.  It was the fifth novel she wrote. Learn from her experience in this video below.

“Write and Get Your Novel Published” by Gina Holmes

(More videos by Gina found here.)

Dreams happen while you’re sleeping.  Dreams come true when waking moments are filled with the sweat equity required to perfect your abilities.

Athletes exercise.
          Scholars study.
                    Scientists experiment.

Why do writers think we can write right on the first try? As Gina pointed out, it takes four years to get a college degree, shouldn’t it take at least that long to learn the craft of writing?

I made it easy for you to

follow Gina’s advice.

butt in chair 003

  “Get yourself to a writers conference!” 

Although most writers desire to be published, that isn’t our main purpose for writing.  We long to encourage and help people with the words birthed through our own pain and experience.

Darkness hates light and by sharing our experiences even under the guise of fiction, we are able to minister to those who are travelling the path we’ve already come down. By exposing our own sins and secrets, we are able to understand and sympathize in a way those who haven’t gone through what we have can. More than that, we are allowing others to share their struggles and find healing and support.” Gina Holmes

To have our healing words read, they have to be published.
To be published, they have to be written.
To be written, we have to put our butts in that chair.

We’re only one page a day away.

New Winner of Love Finds You!


I couldn’t sleep at all last night.

Doot do do do



Just thinking about this book

Doot do do do

Baby things weren’t right

But, we have a winner tonight!

LFY 061

I kept my little squares just in case….

LFY 066

Again, my lovely assistant, Rebekah, drew the name for me.
She stirred and stirred and stirred and chose….

(I made her do this for me because I love you all very,
very much and I wanted you all to win. 
The pain of exclusion is a great burden to bear
when you are doing a Big Blogging Girl Giveaway.)

Roman Numerals 036

Judith from Whole Hearted Home!


Congratulations….you’ll be hearing from me soon!

Calling Keren Herrera!

LFY 069

You were chosen


to win this


but forgot to put your email address here.

Please contact me, friend, 
by Wednesday,
or I’ll have to draw another name

LFY 061

from my Jadeite bowl.

This book really needs to be read…Smile

For the rest of you who have their names
on those little slips of paper,

Love Is Gunna Find…..

So, I know you’re all anxiously waiting to find out if you won



Because you’re  Christians,
you know crossing your fingers doesn’t help.
Maybe you were  kinda’ embarrassed to pray about winning.
Maybe you remembered about sparrows and hairs on your head
and you prayed anyway.









You also might be wondering how I was gunna’ run my first
Big Blogger Girl Give-away,
’cuz if ya’ know me,
ya’ know I’m not a computer geek or anything.

But, I like to learn new skills.

Just not right now.

I know there’s all kinda’ gadgets and gidgets and widgets,
for choosing a winner for give-aways,
but I thought I would save my Friday afternoon from frustration.

LFY 070

Besides, I needed to go green.
People talk about going green, I’m all on that bandwagon.
I buy Jadeite whenever I find it cheap.

I opened a Word document, created a simple chart, filled in the names and printed it.

Easy Peasy.

LFY 061

I love using my Fiskars paper cutter; I quickly whisked those babies into little squares.
Aren’t ya’ proud of me?

I didn’t bleed on any of the names.

LFY 066

My beautiful assistant, Rebekah, wearing modest winter apparel,
drew the name.

LFY 069

Love Found Keren.

However, you didn’t provide an email address in your comment.
I really hope you check back!

Please provide it by Wednesday, Jan. 23rd.  Thank you!

Thank you all who joined me for my first give-away.

I’m a Big Blogger Girl now!


Has Love Found You?

I first heard the name Ocieanna Fleiss at  monthly meeting for Northwest Christian Writers Association two years ago.

But, we weren’t rejoicing over publication of her Christian fiction romances, we were praying in fear and trembling for her life.  This beautiful, young, healthy mom of four went into cardiac arrest while watching television with her husband a few days prior.

Just like that, her heart stopped.

The news stopped our hearts.

Our president, Gigi, led us in prayer.  We learned later how many people across the world were praying at the same time for the same thing. A miracle.

Ocieanna Fleiss–had a 5% chance of survival

We selfishly did not want this woman to leave this earth, her family, her friends, her ministry.



Love Finds You!

I didn’t know at the time, she was writing this book with Tricia Goyer, another talented young writer. This obviously means the Lord answered our prayers for Ocieanna’s healing, because the book was recently published. I was thankful to be asked to be a member of their launch team.









I opened the book as soon as the mail arrived.  I began reading.  I stayed up way too late.  Yep, that’s me the very next morning, finishing the book in my PJ’s.  Yes, you are so astute, they’re on inside out.  Thanks for also noticing I didn’t even comb my hair. Good thing you can’t smell my coffee breath.

Priorities, girls, priorities!

I’ve had a few personal hardships in my life, especially in the past year.  I can’t read floofy books from authors that don’t understand the deep trials of life. They gotta’ give me something I can use to keep living, breathing and believing.

Ocieanna won me over as a friend and sister in the Lord because of her sensitivity and faithfulness to the Lord.  Yet though He slay her, still she trusts Him.

She won me over as an author because her writing touches the agonies of my heart.

p. 26, “Some scars weren’t visible, but the pain was the same.  She should have remembered that. Remembered that when tragedy hit, the ripples went far, as each absorbed a small part into itself.”


Women also need to be reminded the first true love they need to find is the love of our Savior.  Then their heart is ready to seek and keep the love of a godly man. Their hearts  need healing to find love; they need love to find healing. 

This is the journey Ginny takes in Glacier Bay, Alaska, entwined by old letters to the similar journey of an early pioneer, Ellie.

 Glacier Bay Collage

Do not read this book without time, Kleenex and coffee. Once you start, you will NOT want to put it down. Sleep becomes optional.


And if you really want to lose more sleep because you can’t put down a good book once you start it, follow these two amazing friends and writers to

LFY Montana

Montana, yea, my home state! and

LFY Washington

Washington, my current home.

(Click on any book to buy on Amazon and read reviews.)


I’m giving away a free copy of Love Finds You in  Glacier Bay, Alaska  with a random drawing.  Chocolate may or may not be  involved.  I like to keep women in suspense.

How to win:

1. Leave a comment and your email address.  I’d love to know if you’ve read these authors before.

2.  To increase your chance of winning this book, follow this link  to find other bloggers who are hosting give-aways.

Terms and Conditions:

My drawing will be Friday, January 11th at noon, Pacific time.  Check back to see you if you the blessed winner!


I pray each of you may have your heart nestled safely in the love of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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