mindy’s bio

I’m a wife to one, mommy to six, “gwamma” to four.

Mindy Peltier Obadiah Model

If I have free time, I love to read and write.

I love to play, giggle, snack, tease, laugh, whisper, and eat candy.

I love to sleep in tents and forts.

I love to  imagine the living room floor is the ocean.

I love to jump on my bed and to run barefoot outside.

I love the beach, the library and the toy aisle.

For 28 years Scott has been my
best friend
and strength.
He is my rock, because He stands on the Rock.

I started blogging to discipline myself
to write every day.
It was also to discipline my family
that I was going to write every day.

We’re all still a little “undisciplined”,
but they inspire me to write
and give me blog fodder.

When I grow up,
I wanna’ be a novelist.

9 thoughts on “mindy’s bio

  1. Tandis

    What? Did I really just read all that and not see the words “coffee drinker”?? 🙂
    Reading all that just makes me wish we didn’t live half a country away. Love you, sister.

  2. june h.

    I was searching for other Christian novelists/bloggers and discovered your blog. Before I go on to read your posts, I just want to say, best of luck on your journey to publication. What’s the novel you’re working on about?

  3. dawnjerrene

    I discovered your blog tonight while searching for info on homeschooling in the Ritzville area. We are looking at moving into a very isolated farm house, 18 miles south of Ritzville. (By ‘we’, I mean ‘I’. I’ve been divorced for 2 years now, and am still working hard at schooling our four, at home, kiddos, ages 15, 13, 11 & 9. This is a very scary job to do alone.) Your blog seems to be proof that there are other hs families out there on the plains, who also love books. PLEASE can I beg for information from you? I don’t mean to impose, but I’m hoping we won’t be utterly alone on the prairie. Are there any groups that get together? Book groups? Play dates? I would SO appreciate any information you might be able to share. On another note entirely, I’ve really enjoyed the posts I’ve gotten to read here. You write very engagingly. 🙂 Thanks in advance! Dawn (in Rosalia for now).


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