Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece


Hope you’re ready for a Cool Tool, ‘cuz it’s Wednesday, ya’ know.

cool tools 008

Last week I used the following quote on my Facebook Author page to try to steer traffic towards my blog.

Har du noen gang ønsket å lese eller skrive på et annet språk?


Readers were supposed to use Bing Translator to figure out what I was asking, but people who didn’t read my tutorial thought I was fluent in Norwegian.

Another day, I told all my avid fans on Facebook that I found a free monkey on the Internet and my husband let me keep it.  Those that didn’t read the PicMonkey tutorial post that Cool Tool Wednesday, actually thought I had a monkey.  Sheesh.  What’s a woman to do to get people to read her posts?

Or use the Cool Tools she blogs about?

I don’t wanna’ make you Gentle Readers do anything, but since I actually taught six humans to use the poddy, flush and wash, (or I keep telling myself they wash) I feel pretty influential these days.


Let me introduce you to my newest Cool Tool, Recite This.


This is how easy they make their tool.

1.  Pick a Quote.


2. Pick one of their 25 backgrounds.

image    image   image


Change your mind because you can.    


image   image  

image   image




3.  Social Media it with their easy options.



It’s Pinned…


It’s Faced…

There’s several reasons why you should use this Cool Tool. (Do I sound like a mother?  Maybe that’s because I am.)

1. Keep your blog from being boring. When it’s only text, it’s like reading something written by Charlie Brown’s teacher.  “Wa, wa, wa wa, wa wa  wa wa wa.”

2.  Keep from accidentally using someone else’s picture or visual illegally.  I’ve tried to read the fine print on some of those sites claiming to be free, but they kinda’ make me nervous.

3.  Easily use social media to promote the awesome post you just wrote. 

4.  Be the person with the cool text images everybody Pins and Shares.

5.  Have an easier way to end a blog post when you can’t think of a conclusion.


9 thoughts on “Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece

  1. bdd3

    After raising 6 young un’s (who probaly don’t wash) a monkey might be fun and might actually be a step up. In all the movies they seem to wash more than young un’s. Plus think about going shopping with a monkey on your shoulder who’s not too embarresed to stare at people. and then I would love how people woulnd’t know what to say to you about you having a monkey on your shoulder and when they say somehting stupid the monkey throws stuff at them. Just think of all the fun.

    1. Mindy Post author

      Well, Tandis, I think you have a good reason. I myself am way behind on blog reading….:)
      Jeg drømte går kveld jeg klemte lille apekatten. Er ikke det rart?

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