Wooden You Love an Upcycled To-Do List ?

We’ve lived in our current home almost seven years.
I figured it was time to get a few things done.

I was tired of ugly To Do Lists.

It’s not inspiring.

Jim, crafts 053

This window is from my dream home, an older two story beauty. 
We lived there less than one year.
When we replaced the old wooden windows with
double-paned argon sealed windows,
there were stacks of windows on my lawn.

I SO craved keeping them and making something out of them.
But, this was back in the Olden Days when there wasn’t
a lot of blogging and there wasn’t Pinterest.

Ya’ know, the Dark Ages for Inspiration Time.

I kept one.

It was used for a picture frame, then sat in the attic for years.
I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it.

I know all the young crafty people think they invented
but they just renamed it.
We‘ve always called it “making do.”

Why do you think my mom was raised wearing panties
that said “SUGAR” on the bum?

Jim, crafts 107
First, I had to remove the bright craft  paint.
A paste of Comet and water works well.
Smear it on, walk away.
Come back later, rub and scrape.
Smear on a little more and walk away.
Come back later, rub and scrape.
Repeat until paint is gone.

Jim, crafts 108
Almost  done!

Jim, crafts 115
I wanted something to back the panes of glass and remembered this vintage curtain
that I’ve stored away for….
ummm…nearly two decades?

It might be called Dotted Swiss. 
I read about Dotted Swiss in a Nancy Drew book when I was younger.
This has dots but I don’t know if it’s Swiss.

It was very hard to cut up a curtain. 
It kinda’ gave me the heebie-jeebies
’cuz it was such a nice curtain.

Jim, crafts 123
But, I cut it up into four squares and kept the scraps.
Maybe 20 years from now I might need them.

Jim, crafts 126
I smeared the back of each pane with Mod Podge.
The majority of my life I called it Modge Podge
That’s what Kim in my High School Home Economics called it.
I believed her.
After all, she told me she was one of the Popular Kids.
Now I know better about both accounts.

The fabric was carefully smoothed over the back of panes.
Don’t put it in backwards!
The pattern has to face forward.
It was challenging to get the rows of dots straight.

Just in case you’re wondering,
if you spill Mod Podge on brand new carpeting
but wipe it up right away with a damp rag
you can get it all up.
Almost all of it, anyway.
Just in case you’re wondering.

Jim, crafts 132
It was going to be a bulletin board,
but the post-it notes fell off right away.

Remember post-it notes were invented because of a failure?
Oh, you didn’t read that
You can read it now.

Well, my post-it note failure invented a better solution.

Jim, crafts 133

I discovered dry erase markers work great on glass.

blogging pics 021

Vintage tatted edging and clip-on earrings were later improvements.

blogging pics 011

The final resting place, on an enamel topped table in my office.
Four panes to organize four parts of my life.

Suddenly, that To Do List is looking pretty good.


11 thoughts on “Wooden You Love an Upcycled To-Do List ?

  1. Dana Kolste

    Why is it that someone else’s to-do list motivates me to get something checked off on mine? It’s a sickness I tell you. I like the typewritten font on the category stickers – very cute.

    1. Mindy Post author

      I KNEW you would like this, my TYPE A LIST MAKING bosom friend? Yes, it is a sickness. And didn’t ya’ just git shivers up and down your spine to see the first ugly list with everything crossed off? I scanned that for a reason. 🙂

      I have no idea where the stickers came from, I have this habit of hoarding stuff and then one day, sometimes years later, I think of a use for them. Never fails, the day after I clean out my craft stuff is the day I think of a plan for every tossed item.

  2. wholeheartedhome

    I just love it!!! I am going to find me a window!! Maybe I’ll just replace one of my windows?? I don’t think my hubby will be good with that, though they are letting a lot of cold air out and need replacing.

    1. Mindy Post author

      When we moved to the PNW, it was sad to discover all the “old” windows are single paned metal things, like trailer house windows. No need to grab those out of anyone’s garbage! To get old windows, you usually have to buy them out here at an antique store.

  3. francisguenette

    What a great idea – upcycling – your project sounds way more useful than riding a bike up a hill. Thanks so much. I am still thankful everyday for your advice on using Windows Live Writer – who knows what will happen if I take you up on this idea, too.

    1. Mindy Post author

      Your comment was so cute. Made me smile. 🙂

      I am SO happy you’re using Windows Live Writer – doesn’t it make life easier? I tried editing an old post in the WordPress environment and got SO frustrated today, I think I raised my heartrate.

      Thanks for your faithful LIKES of encouragement.

  4. Ruby

    That looks gorgeous. I am always in awe of both the crafty people and the ones who actually get through their to-do lists. I was eleven when one of my older sisters got married and her dress was overlaid with hail spotted Swiss voile. I have never forgot that 🙂

    1. Mindy Post author

      Sounds like a beauitful wedding. What a sweet memory, to be at an older sister’s wedding.

      My siblings were so spread out, I only went to one wedding. And my brother didn’t wear anything dotted or Swiss! 🙂

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