Help Yourself Hospitality–Breakfast

A lot of women get up and make delicious breakfasts for their company.

I get up.

Years of living with cancer has changed my view on life
and my definition of hospitality.
I’ve learned to accept my limitations.

If my guests haven’t stayed overnight in my home before,
I casually let them know that if I haven’t slept well,
I won’t be up early.
(Sometimes, I need to sleep until 8 or 9am)

They’re shown where everything is in the kitchen,
the bathroom and the linen closet,
so if I can’t meet their needs,
they can

Help Themselves.

Mornings come too quickly.

Especially during the holidays.

Especially if you’ve been up talking with relatives,
drinking decaf,
watching holiday movies,
wrapping presents,
or reading a good book.

It’s hard to be up-and-at-’em early in the morning,
with a house full of early-rising old,
I mean experienced, people.

I like to have things out and ready, so if I’m not out in the kitchen,
my guests feel comfortable

Helping Themselves.

hospitality - hot drinks 006

I start with one jar of regular rolled oats, for those healthy on-a-diet kinda’ guests.

Add one jar of Trader Joe’s low-fat vanilla and almond granola.

hospitality - hot drinks 008

Add one tub of instant oatmeal packets of various flavors.

I try to find ones that are low in sugar,
but it can be a challenge.

hospitality - hot drinks 012

Take jars from your craft room, wash, and fill in with healthy mix-ins for the cereals.

(L to R) I have dried cranberries, dried apricots, raisins and slivered almonds.

hospitality - hot drinks 016

Display on a tray with a doily and you’re almost ready for breakfast.

Breakfast 002

These three jars are always on my counter filled with cold cereal.

I was tired of having so many opened boxes in the pantry,
spilling and getting stale,
so this was a pleasing solution for all of us.

Breakfast 008

This is another standard on my kitchen counter.

In our early years of marriage,
someone wisely advised it’s cheaper to eat healthy,
than to pay for a doctor.

Breakfast 011

The bread basket is another company staple.

I fill it with good breads, bagels and English muffins,
so my company has a lot of options for

Helping Themselves

in the morning.

Cancer has taken much from me,
but I won’t allow it to take hospitality.

I’m healthier and stronger today
and have learned to PACE not PUSH.

But, there are three meals in a day,
I know I can’t give them each100%,
so I choose where to put my energy.

I help myself
by allowing my guests to

Help Themselves to Breakfast.

8 thoughts on “Help Yourself Hospitality–Breakfast

  1. Maureen Lytle

    That is such a freeing way to look at things even if you aren’t battling cancer. I especially like the line, “Cancer has taken much from me, but I won’t allow it to take hospitality.” And the way you set everything up on the counter looks so beautiful, too. Mindy, you are a gem.

    1. Momma Mindy Post author

      Thank you for your sweet words. I know you’re also probably struggling to “adjust” to your new physical limitations. It’s harder for you, though, because you were such a good cook to begin with! 🙂

      Since this was a blog about breakfast, I didn’t confess how much pizza I’ve ordered over the past years for company…

  2. Tandis

    Lovely. I think it would make any guest feel welcome and at home. You thought of them well ahead of time and was preparing for them – thinking of them. People appreciate that so much. I think it will definitely help them understand your need to sleep in. Sometimes guests aren’t morning people either so maybe they didn’t want to get up and instantly start visiting, this gives freedom there as well.

    1. Momma Mindy Post author

      It’s easiest, obviously, to be more casual around family. But, we had one dear brother stay with us after my second surgery, and he just got up early and made eggs for my kids. I KNEW he felt welcome, and I was SO thankful for that.

      It is hard, though, to watch company do stuff you used to do for them…

  3. Dana Kolste

    Do you remember that I stayed at your house in Fargo once? 1996 or 97….for Alison P’s wedding shower. I still remember how nice it was to be a guest at your house – I appreciated being shown where everything I needed was. I usually have a hard time staying at people’s houses because you have to guess when the shower is available, when/what to eat, where to find things, etc. I like your breakfast bar idea – I think I usually put out too many options and confuse guests.

    1. Momma Mindy Post author

      Thank you for the kind encouragement. I always loved having the single girls in my home, you encouraged me SO much with your testimonies of faithfulness to the Lord. You brought such refreshment to my heart.

      And, knowing how well you run your own home, now, Dana, I’m sure you make everyone feel very welcome and very appreciated.

  4. Clarese

    Love it! What a great idea and very inviting to all guest! Merry Christmas To you and your family! Miss talking to you!

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