Christmas is Coming!

But, you already know that.

Kinda’ hard to live in America and not realize the biggest holiday of the year is





It’s not panic time, it’s the time where we’re still convinced we can pull together a Martha Stewart holiday.  We have big plans for gifts, meals, decorations and homemade stuff. 

Lotsa’ homemade stuff.

Closer to the deadline, we’ll get real about what actually is going to happen, and plans will be adjusted and downsized.

For now, we’re just bringing the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season into our home.

science 064

Since we didn’t host Thanksgiving for the first time in a score, that’s 20 years in case you haven’t figured that out from Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech, we put our tree up early.

Christmas 112

Then, our house looked like this for days.

Christmas threw up in my house.

I’m not original, I steal that from Nan at Mom’s the Word every year, ‘cuz she’s way funnier than I am.  It’s my new holiday tradition, to steal this phrase from her.


stuff 001

Last night, I started stuffing the stocking sacks.  Try saying that ten times really, really fast.  During back to school sales and after Halloween candy sales, I shop for the stockings.  Last year I started very early, since I had 14 stockings to stuff.  This year, six will be a piece of cake. 

The bags are labeled  and put in a box in the closet or attic, and as I buy, I begin tossing goodies in. It gives a good visual of my stocking-filling progress. My goal is to have them almost done when I start the big Christmas shopping.  It saves money and frustration by getting the stockings out of the way in the fall. 

Boxes are being stockpiled in the garage for perfect wrapping.  Big boxes, small boxes, gotta’ disguise all presents boxes.

Years ago, I crowned myself  The Queen of Peekless Packages. If you have overly curious children, ya’ might wanna’ go check out my tricks.

We’re enjoying the CHRISTmas tree lights, our vintage CHRISTmas nativity sets and the family collection of CHRISTMAS books.

There’s a lot of decorating,  shopping, baking, and hosting to do in the next few weeks, but as the pace increases, we want to keep the CHRISTmas mood.

Because, Someone knows when we’re naughty and when we’re nice, and it’s not Santa.

7 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming!

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  2. Tandis

    Isn’t Christmas just magical? I just love it. I love Christmas Eve and the coziness of it and the joy of watching the kids open Christmas gifts. Then, since all of my babies have come during months that made me prego over Christmas, it is special to be expecting while we read the Christmas story in Luke. What did Mary feel? It just amazes me to wonder about it.

  3. Momma Mindy Post author

    I agree, Christmas is magical, especially when you have little kids. It’s so fun to share the season with them.

    I love the way the house “feels” with Christmas lights, decor and the smells in the air. Of course, we play music all day long, too.


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