My Husband Calls Me An Ol’ Bag

Years ago, my husband started calling me

The Ol’ Bag,
short for
The Ol’ Bag Lady.

Of course, he wasn’t referring to my age or my crankiness.

He was only referring to my love for bags.

It started as a light addiction.
On Sunday mornings, I usually had a paper bag of stuff for someone.
It might be hand-me-downs  or books for a homeschooling family.

When gift bags replaced wrapping paper,
baby gifts, birthday gifts, and thinking-of-you gifts,
were all delivered in beautiful gift bags –
usually recycled bags.

My addiction grew.

bags 140

Then, I discovered I could sew my own bags.
and began organizing my house with drawstring bags.

(I’ll reveal later what cool thing is INSIDE this cool bag.)

bags 005

Toys are in bags and sleeping bags are in bags.

I previously blogged about  my system of using a
different tote bag
for each activity in my life.
That’s  also when I first admitted my hubby calls me
this delightful nickname.

So, when I started crafting a wedding gift,
it just had to include some bags to keep up my reputation, right?


So far, the gift has included

a tin for matches and

a tin for coffee.

Then I had to sew.

Blogging Pics 061

The drawstring bags were to hold more goodies for the gift.

One was filled with clothespins and a clothesline,
the other filled with misc. kitchen utensils.

If you haven’t guessed yet, these few items were part of a
Camping Kit


for this couple.


That’s my boy, Dan, and his new bride, Sarah.

I’m pretty sure the highlight of their honeymoon
was my handcrafted gifts,

don’t you?


6 thoughts on “My Husband Calls Me An Ol’ Bag

  1. Tandis

    I LOVE BAGS TOO!! Love love love them. Now I just need to learn to sew them so I can have more. 🙂 Thanks to Pinterest, I have about 30 bags pinned and waiting for me. haha.

    1. Momma Mindy Post author

      Tandis, is there any way to post your Pinterest bag list on a comment? That would be cool. I don’t PIN yet, but would love to see your idears. Yep, I said idears on purpose.

  2. Ruby

    Lol. I’ve been called worse! Very lovely. You always have such innovative craft ideas. It seems I have missed your son’s wedding blog along the way. Are you still reading and commenting on blogs? I haven’t seen you around for a while. Also, I have tried a couple of times to resend an email so I do not know what the problem is. Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Momma Mindy Post author

      Ruby, you are so kind and I am so silly. I forgot to check junk mail. I need to add your email address to my address book then we won’t have any issues. I should know better! 🙂

      I haven’t been online much, the summer was long and I spent a lot of time traveling through the upper midwest US where Internet is slow or no. I also was lacking inspiration for many reasons. So, am coming back into the world now after really missing all my bloggy friends.

      Yea, son got married July 14th, but I haven’t actually blogged up to that point yet! Just wait….it’s coming….and so it your letter!

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