Have a Tie-Riffic Father’s Day!

It’s not too late to pull together something to honor those amazing Dads in your life.

Last week I was blog-hopping and found Amanda’s Parties To GO!   She is so creative and generous in her ideas and her freebies, I had to become a follower.  Actually, I think I’d like to adopt her.   Finding her blog was like finding the Super Power I needed to become that caped Super Mom that actually made cool parties happen.  Ya’ gotta’ go meet her!


Anyhoo, I immediately printed them and while I watched a movie with my hubby, I’m one of those people who can’t sit still to watch a movie, I cut them out and laminated them, and cut them out again.  It kept me busy and now I have special decorations for years ahead.  Since boxes of holiday decorations have filled my attic, I like the idea of simple things that can be put in a file folder until the next year.

My picture isn’t as sleek and professional as hers, but aren’t my daughters loverly?  Plus, they’re making dinner while I blog.  Gotta’ love that.  No, that’s not a grandbaby in the bottom left hand corner.  That’s a vintage baby doll who sits on my counter in a vintage chair.

I bought my son-in-law, Aaron,  Mountain Dew and my 4 year old granddaughter decorated the cans. To make the collars, I cut a inch inch strip lengthwise from cardstock.  When crafting with kids, I give them free reign.  I show them a few skills, but don’t correct their creations.  I adore all the blue tape Brookie used!  Didn’t she do a wonderful job?

She has an amazing Daddy and I loved the opportunity to help her celebrate the gift of a great Daddy.  She reminded me Gwammpa is special, too.  Aw, fer cute!

Diet Coke labels were removed and the bottle was dressed in more formal attire for the weekend festivities. Daughter Rebekah, 9 years old,  used less tape and decided the tie looked more realistic tucked under the collar.

Want to read about the history of Father’s Day and find more free printables?  Check out Family Fun.

It’s not too late to celebrate a TIE-riffic Father’s Day  this weekend! (Amanda’s printables include ties to celebrate Dad, Step-Dad and Grand-Dad!) Download Here!

Just to remind you what parenting is all about…

Happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Have a Tie-Riffic Father’s Day!

  1. Tandis

    Very super cute!
    I printed off a sheet for the girls to write answers to questions like,
    1. what’s your dad’s name?
    2. how tall is your dad? (kids have no idea so they say ridiculous things!)
    3. how much does he weigh? (this got a hilarious answer) 80lbs! HAHAH!
    4. what is your dad good at?
    5. what does your dad like to do?
    6. what do you like to do best with your dad?
    ETC. ETC.
    Then they write a personal note and draw a picture with dad.
    I LOVED the answers my girls wrote and can’t wait to let them present them to Ski.


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