Clay Pot Nativity

Last December, I found a box of little clay pots at a thrift store.
Thirty for $1.25!
I didn’t need them.
I had no idea of what I would use them for.
But, they were SO tiny and SO cute,
had to buy them.
A few days later,  I found Jennifer’s craft
To make it easier for my daughter, I glued the beads on the night before.
For Joseph and Mary and I bought the kind with one flat side.
Beka painted the pots and the basin,
then glued moss down.

Baby Jesus just needed a square of fabric,
some cotton,
pretty sure this is from a bottle of Advil,
‘cuz I’m thrifty like that,
and one tiny bead.

A little glue, a little folding, and a little more gluing.

The beard was a little scraggly.
Her sister is a cosmetologist, so Beka was very confident
she knew just how to trim a beard.
The finishing touch was to set the family on a slice of wood
I had squirreled away in my craft room.
Do you keep things just because you like them
and you think you might need them some day?

A fun, inexpensive craft, a fun memory, and a holiday
decoration we’ll use for years.
Jessica from Craftily Ever After had her own version.
I loved her idea of using burlap.
Janet posted this one at Design Dazzle.
Isn’t it adorable?
This craft is a good way to inspire your family
to keep

2 thoughts on “Clay Pot Nativity

  1. Andi

    Love it! I don't have a craft room…I DO have a "crap" cabinet where I throw all things craft related until I lose my mind over the disorganization and throw it all out to start over again…


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