Time for Tea?

Ingredients for a summer Tea Party:

vintage tablecloth,
glass dishes,
peppermint tea,
sweet and salty morsels,
one  very well-dressed,
well-mannered young lady,
one Mommy willing to
stop what she is doing,
and do what
really needs to be done.
When the kids were younger,
we did what we called
“One Fun Thing A Day.”
To keep the routine of chores and school
from overwhelming us,
we planned to make time each day for something fun.
making a fort
Our summer routine usually find us
working in the morning
and playing in the afternoon.
I have to admit,
it is hard to make myself play these days.
I’ve had seasons where lack of health and stamina
kept me from really
cleaning the way I wanted to cleaning,
organizing the way I wanted to organize,
and decorating the way I want to decorate.
When I have a season of good health,
I don’t want to waste it,
so I try to work really, really hard.
I want to get my house and life back in order.
I am thankful to have a little girl,
who reminds me
what’s really important in life.
I always need to make
time for tea.

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