Fall Foliage…

Our fall is still lingering.
The last brilliant leaves are unwilling to give up their grip on the almost bare trees. 
Even our several severe windstorms weren’t able to knock them all down.
The leaves have the tenacity writer O. Henry described in the short story  “The Last Leaf.”
When I see the leaves decorating sidewalks, porches and cars,
 I  decide  that the Lord decorates much nicer than Martha Stewart.
Scott and I enjoyed a fall drive a few weeks back, getting out to enjoy
the fall colors,
 the fall smell,
 the fall feel.
Fall is a season you feel with all your senses.
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  Albert Camus

But, the statement that leaves speak into my soul is from a fall display created by my daughter Jana’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Benson.  She cut out an elaborate tree with brilliant red, green and gold leaves and displayed it on her door with a seasonal, spiritual play on words.
Her message that still encourages my heart with each falling leaf?
Fall in Love with Jesus

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