The Longest Day

Last Friday, we drove Grace to a Bible camp for a weekend retreat.
We left about 1:30 pm, hoping to avoid the I-5 traffic.
Who were we kidding?
You people from WA already have knowing knots in your tummy.
I said “Friday” and “I-5” in the same sentence.
I was faced with a hard decision.
Let the teenager drive in rush hour traffic so I could take pics, or take the wheel myself.
I had two fully charged cameras and it was a rare spring day, bright and glorious.
Did I say there was a decision to make?
The temorary relief of SADness, or Seasonal Affective Disorder…you know, you get depressed because it rains all the time.
Job must have understood.
Job 30:28 “I went mourning without the sun…”
Sometimes, we almost forget there is a sun, or a Mount Ranier, or Cascade Mountains, or Olympic Mountains. They become vague, hazy memories after epochs of gray moisture.
Then, the clouds part, and we fall in love, again, with the creation around us.
It almost seems as if we get a glimpse of Heaven,
and are reminded of that promise that there is always an end to the rain.

I am always intrigued by unusual beauty.
The patterns in the dried mud were amazing.

Ansel Adams wannabe.

A beautiful mud puddle, or slough.
We say SLEW….closer to the ocean they say SLOW, rhymes with HOW.

Don’t we love our trees in Washington? The one thing all kinds of people agree on.
Maybe the only thing.

What I looked like all day, enjoying the scenic drive, a day of sunshine and the company of my beautiful daughters.

When the sun went down, and I could no longer take pictures, I drove.
In case you are wondering what would happen if someone took a night picture on landscape mode, take a closer look.
In case you can’t tell, this is Bellevue.
We drove nine and half hours, but with the sun shining, the clouds hovering like a glistening comforter, and the sound of laughter pleasantly filling my heart,
the long day didn’t seem so long afterall.
The day is now a hazy memory, like the scenery we saw for a whole glorious day, before it was swallowed up in gray again.
(click on any picture to enlarge)

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